Instruments for Sale

Last Updated 2/08/21


Used Oboes:

(Pictures and more information available if you can click on the title)

  • B&H ’78’ – plastic bodied starter oboe imported from America by Boosey & Hawkes. Covered plate so suitable for younger players. Cosmetically a little untidy, but plays as it should – £500
  • BUNDY – made in the USA by Selmer, this plastic bodied, thumb-plate, starter oboe is covered plate so suitable for younger players. Cosmetically a little untidy, but plays as it should – £500
  • BUNDY – made by the Selmer Company in the USA. Plastic bodied with silver plated keys. Covered hole, thumb-plate system. Plays very easily and in lovely condition – £600
  • BUFFET – This is their 4121 model in very good condition. Buffets are an ideal starter instrument that will take a player to grade 5 or 6 and have the advantage of small ‘vent’ holes, in the centre of the finger-plates of the left hand, preparing students for their next, more advanced, oboe – £600
  • NOBLET Wooden, French, intermediate oboe in good playing order – £800
  • BUNDY – This is their wooden, intermediate version suiatble for taking students from around grade four, through to grade eight. In excellent order and plays very nicely – £1000
  • LARILEE – Nice wooden intermediate oboe. USA made instrument of good quality and sound. Semi-automatic octaves and both trills. A more affordable alternative to the S20 – S O L D
  • WARD & WINTERBOURNE TW3a – this is their covered-plate intermediate model (very similar to the Howarth S20) aimed at taking students through to grade eight. This one is in excellent condition and plays with a good even tone throughout the range. – £1200
  • BUFFET 4151 – This intermediate oboe boasts most of the additional mechanism that you would expect at this level: semi-automatic octave keys, B/C# trill, C/D trill for right and left han, conservatoire and thumb-plate, left-hand F. It is in lovely condition and playing order – S O L D
  • HOWARTH S20c – This is the conservatoire model with added thumb-plate which prepares students for when they progress to a professional system. Quite an early one, but having just been serviced will be a very fine instrument for the intermediate player – £1600
  • WARD & WINTERBOURNE TW5 – one of their less common ‘full Gillet’ professional models. (Will be serviced prior to being available), and then will be a superb oboe at a very realistic price – £1800
  • BUFFET ACADEMY A lovely full Gillet ‘graduate’ model in excellent order – £2000
  • CABART A74 – Loree’s ‘graduate’ model, superb for the advanced player – £2300
  • RIGOUTAT CLASSIQUE – A very lovely original oboe as used by many of the finest soloists in the world. Although about 35 years old, this has been used with care and regularly maintained. It is in beautiful condition and a very fine example of this model. – £2800

Used Cors Anglais

  • ITALIAN MADE – unbranded professional cor, probably made by Orsi of Milan, whose instruments are rarely branded with their name. (The Howarth ‘B’ model being a typical example). This is a lovely cor in beautiful condition and will be available as soon as I get around to servicing it – S O L D