Instruments for Sale

Last Updated 3/6/19

Used Oboes:

(Please contact me if you would like any pictures of the oboes)

  • BUNDY – plastic bodied starter oboe. Covered plate so suitable for younger players – £500
  • BUFFET ARTIST 4120 – the forerunner to the 4121 – This one is silver plated and plays very easily – £550
  • HOWARTH ‘B’ MODEL – probably the most popular starter oboe ever sold. Made by Orsi of Milan and finished by Howarths. Always an excellent entry level instrument – S O L D
  • BUFFET ARTIST 4121 – A lovely wooden-bodied entry level oboe in very good condition – £650
  • LARILEE – Nice wooden intermediate oboe. USA made instrument of good quality and sound. Semi-automatic octaves and both trills – £900
  • BUFFET 4151 – Wooden, intermediate oboe. Has the advantage of being conservatoire with thumbplate along with a left-hand F. Excellent condition – £1200
  • KREUL – a beautiful example of their thumbplate, open-hole model. Kreuls were famous for their sound quality and ‘extra’ mechanism as standard eg left hand C#. This one has got it all. Still used by some top players in major orchestras, this 1970’s/80’s oboe will make someone very happy at £1400
  • BUFFET – A lovely conservatoire Gillet model in very good order – £1800
  •                                                                  Or with added thumbplate – £2000
  • HOWARTH S5 – A very lovely early example of this model. I am not allowed to describe the keywork as ‘solid silver’ as there are no assay marks…………. – S O L D
  • LOREE C+3 – Their professional model with thumbplate and side 3rd octave for the UK market. A beautifull sounding oboe in lovely condition having just been serviced. – £2800
  • HOWARTH S5 – A stunning example with gold-plated keywork. Ex Malcolm Messiter – £3000
  • HOWARTH S6 – Their ‘thin-walled’ lightweight professional model. It doesn’t look as though this oboe has had very much use from new. – £3500

Used Cors Anglais

  • HOWARTH S3 – (In the middle of being re-padded, so not available yet). A beautiful cor – dual system open-hole (only two, the ‘A’ finger and the ‘D’ finger) – £2800