Noblet – £800

The French company Noblet, was founded in 1750 and was acquired by the Leblanc company in 1904 who carried on using the Noblet name for many of its instruments. In the 1960’s, Leblanc USA was formed, who bought a 65% share of the French company in 1989. For some reason Noblet oboes never really caught on in the UK, hence the price, maybe they didn’t get sufficient attention by the importer at the time, but there is no reason why they shouldn’t have, as they are well made instruments with a good pedigree.

The Noblet oboe here is prior to 1989 and a system suitable for the intermediate player (grade 4 onwards). It is in good condition and plays very well. It is a nice oboe with fairly ‘level’ key-work which is very comfortable under the fingers and makes the oboe feel smaller in the hands.